Curiosity and Control

Director : Albin Biblom

Country : Sweden

Year : 2018

Duration : 57'

Curiosity and Control is about our relation to the natural world. Filmed in New York, Chester, Paris, Berlin ans Stockholm, the film is a journey through museums of natural history and zoological gardens with reflections upon these by historians, architects, zoo directors and a museologist. The stories deals with wonder, curiosity, control, the urge to protect and how to connect with the natural world. The film also portrays the legendary explorer Carl Akeley, who is often called "the father of taxidermy" and his creation of the dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Included in Curiosity and Control is Carl Akeleys first ever filmed footage of wild mountain gorillas. These early dioramas were intended to spread awareness about the natural world just as contemporary zoological gardens aim to connect people with nature. As we follow the construction of an extension of Chester Zoo, UK, called "Islands"-an immersion exhibit resembling South East Asia, the participants discuss how nature was presented in the past and present; Can nature be reconstructed, do we learn anything in zoos and for whom do we really preserve nature? Curiosity and Control explores the thin line between curiosity, dominion, love and control.

Albin Biblom

Albin Biblom is a photographer and filmmaker who has made several exhibitions internationally. He has also worked as a DoP on many award winning documentary films. He made his first film,"Mechkar-the story of a Bulgarian Bear Owner" in 2005. "Curiosity and Control" is his first feature documentary.